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Meet the Governors

Chair of Governors

Carol Burns

Carol Burns

Co-opted governor

Term of office 15 Oct 2020 – 14 Oct 2024

Mental Health & Wellbeing, Safeguarding Governor and LAC, Safer Recruitment

Hi, I’m Carol Burns.

I am a working Mum of 2 girls who both attended Abbeys.

I have seen many changes at Abbeys since my eldest daughter started and I believe that the school has gone from strength to strength.

In my opinion the teaching and support staff do an excellent job and work extremely hard to provide the best education possible for every child whatever their ability.

I am really enjoying the role as a governor as it’s a chance for me to give a little something back to such a fantastic school!


Jess Fellowes

First appointed 1 Sept 2022

My name is Mrs Fellowes and I have been teaching for 20 years now. I have worked in four different schools and this has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have two children of my own, that are Primary school age, this gives me understanding of parenting, balancing life and work, like many of our families do.

It is a pleasure to be the Headteacher at Abbeys, the whole team are driven and work well collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcomes for children. We are working hard together to improve our school, ensuring that our pupils are taught life skills, like resilience and perseverance, as well as access to a broad and balanced curriculum, that meets the needs of all learners.

Claire Louis-White

Deputy Headteacher

Associate member

Term of office: 20 Sept 2022 – 19 Sept 2026

I am Claire Louis-White, the Deputy head teacher and SENCO at Abbeys Primary School. I have been teaching for 16 years and worked at three different schools before joining Abbeys in September 2022. I am a mum of 3 children aged between 5 and 13, so I am fully aware of the challenges and pressures of being a full-time working mum.

The team at Abbeys are hard-working, knowledgeable and passionate about educating young minds. I feel privileged to work alongside such a dedicated team. Nothing is too much trouble and staff strive to develop the whole child whilst providing a range of enrichment opportunities. The school I believe is going from strength to strength.


Sue Lisanti
School Business Manager

Associate member

Term of office: 22 Oct 2022 – 21 Oct 2026

Development Governor

I am the School Business Manager and an Associate Member of the Governing Body. I bring a skill set of knowledge and experience of school and corporate finance and planning, site and facilities management, human resources and administration to the team. I have worked at Abbeys for the past 12 years and enjoy being a part of the school leadership team working to ensure the best use of our resources to benefit the children’s education and development.

Brian Glover

Co-opted governor 

Term of office:  25 Jan 2023 - 24 Jan 2027, First appointed 25 Jan 2019

Core Curriculum Governor, Safer Recruitment

I joined the Governing Body in 2019 as a community governor. I am now retired having had over 35 years in a variety of roles in education including; Principal of a large secondary school and community college, Chief Education Officer for a nearby local authority, and Project Director of a £350m school building project. I also spent a number of years working in the private sector for Project Management companies. I want to bring the experience I have gained in these roles to benefit the children and staff at Abbeys.

Sally LaBrooy

Co-opted governor 

Term of office: 11 Oct 2023 – 10 Oct 2027

Non Core Curriculum, Safer Recruitment


I joined the  Abbeys Governing Body in September 2023 as a co-opted governor. I have worked in a number of different public sector roles including in criminal justice, central government and higher education, specialising in performance management, analysis and accountability. I currently work as a public sector management consultant and recently spent time working as an Academic Mentor at Abbeys. I have ten years' experience of being a school governor in primary and secondary schools in Milton Keynes and am passionate about making a difference to the lives of children and young people and our local community. 

Romina Rashid 

Romina Rashid

Vice chair

Parent governor

Term of office: 5 July 2023 - 4 July 2027

SEND and Inclusion

Hi, my name is Romina Rashid. 

I'm a working mum of two, both of my children are currently attending Abbeys. We moved here in November 2022 from London.

I have been a Company Director of a small business over the past 12 years so I understand balancing work, life and parenting. 

All the staff at Abbeys are doing an amazing job providing the best education and care for all pupils and also parents/ carers.

I joined as a Parent Governor in July 2023 and I am very happy to be part of the Governing Board, it gives me a chance to give back to the community and to such an amazing school.

 Leigh Dean

Staff Governor

Miss Dean

I am a teacher at Abbeys Primary School and have been elected as the staff governor for this academic year. I have been teaching for 10 years and have taught in every year group. I have also been the phase leader for all phases across the school. I have experience in leading many subjects as well, including: Reading, Writing (including SPAG & Handwriting), PE, Spanish and Art/DT. I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider, DSL and also have recently qualified in an NPQ Literacy Leadership. I love being a part of the Senior Leadership Team and have enjoyed supporting the team implementing lots of positive change. 

Having diversity amongst the school governing body is important for several reasons:

Representation: A diverse governing body ensures that the interests, perspectives, and needs of various demographic groups within the school community are represented. This can include different racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, and gender identities. When people see themselves reflected in the decision-making process, they are more likely to feel valued and included in the school community.

Broad Range of Perspectives: Diversity brings a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and ideas to the table. This can lead to more robust discussions and decision-making processes, as different perspectives challenge assumptions and biases. A diverse governing body is better equipped to consider a broader range of solutions to the challenges facing the school and to make decisions that benefit all students.

Cultural Competence: By engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds, members of the governing body can develop cultural competence, which is the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures. This is crucial for creating an inclusive and welcoming school environment where all students feel respected and supported.

Equity and Social Justice: A diverse governing body is more likely to prioritise equity and social justice in their decision-making processes. They can identify and address disparities in resources, opportunities, and outcomes amongst different groups of students. By actively working to dismantle systemic barriers and promote fairness, a diverse governing body can help create a more just and equitable school system.

Preparation for a Diverse World: In an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, it is essential for students to develop the skills and competencies needed to thrive in diverse environments. A diverse governing body serves as a role model for students, demonstrating the value of diversity and promoting cultural awareness and understanding.

Overall, diversity amongst the school governing body is essential for fostering inclusivity, equity, and excellence in education. It ensures that the needs of all students are considered and addressed, leading to a more vibrant and successful school community.