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Maths at Abbeys


The Whiterose curriculum, known for its innovative approach to teaching mathematics, offers several benefits:

Conceptual Understanding: Whiterose focuses on deepening students' understanding of mathematical concepts rather than rote memorisation. This approach helps students grasp the "why" behind mathematical principles, fostering a more profound comprehension that supports problem-solving skills.

Coherent Progression: The curriculum is carefully structured to ensure a logical progression of concepts. Each topic builds upon previous learning, providing a coherent pathway for students to follow as they advance through the curriculum.

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) Approach: Whiterose utilises the CPA approach, which involves introducing concepts using concrete manipulatives, then representing them pictorially before moving to abstract symbolic representations. This approach caters for all learning styles and helps students develop a solid foundation in mathematics.

Emphasis on Fluency and Reasoning: In addition to mastering mathematical procedures, Whiterose emphasises the development of fluency in calculations and the ability to reason mathematically. Students are encouraged to explain their thinking and justify their solutions, fostering critical thinking skills.

Rich Problem-Solving Tasks: The curriculum includes a variety of rich problem-solving tasks that require students to apply their mathematical knowledge in real-world contexts. These tasks promote creativity, resilience, and the ability to transfer mathematical skills to new situations.

Teacher Support and Resources: Whiterose provides support and resources for teachers, including detailed lesson plans, instructional videos, and assessment materials. This support enables teachers to effectively implement the curriculum and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

Alignment with Standards: The curriculum is aligned with national and state standards, ensuring that students receive a rigorous and comprehensive mathematical education that prepares them for their next steps. 

Please see below for some examples of the Children's work during Maths lessons