Football at Tattenhoe Pavilion

The girl's football team played really well and worked together well as a team. 

Match Report   13/05/15


Initially we played Southwood. The game kicked off by a terrific 1, 2 by Ellie and Skye. At that particular part of the match, nobody helped Ellie, so we conceded a goal. After a fabulous clearance by Esme, we had a chance to score but our striker hit the post and we ended up with a goal kick. Time was running out. Katie tapped the ball out and it was a corner. As the corner was taken, the opposition’s centre-mid headed the ball into the back of the net. The whistle blew and we’d been defeated that time.

Rickley Park

Following on, we played Rickley Park. They were a great team, but they had a quite hard time scoring in the first 5 minutes. Within the first half, they scored twice. After half-time, Skye curled the ball into the goal and we scored! Rickley had no trouble scoring that half. Yet again we were defeated. 4-1.


Orchard were quite good, but no chances were created for them as Esme and Amal blocked every shot that they had. We also had many shots in the goal. Esme also had a great tackle. Amal dribbled the ball up the left wing just as Esme created a chance for Ellie, their goalie saved the shot and the final whistle blew.

Our first season was a very enjoyable experience and it was great to have a girls team for a first time.

By Esme and Ellie- Girls Team Captains