Well it has been a wonderful "HAPPY" two weeks having our chicks but they are returning to the Happy Egg Company now. They have given the whole school lots of joy. The children have certainly enjoyed holding them and the staff have also all got involved.

A big thank you to Miss Shields who became our mother hen!

Thank to the Garden Gang who helped clean and feed them and move them around the school so that all children had a chance of holding them if they wanted.

The chicks were born in Year 5/6, then visited Year 3/4 and the last 2 days have been in Year 1/2 and Foundation.

22nd Jan at 10h00 - The last egg hatched and was transferred into the brooder box at 13h30.

We have successfully hatched 10 eggs out of 10 - we could not be more excited!

22nd Jan at 8h30 - On arriving at the school this morning we were so excited as all the eggs had hatched except one., we transfered them into the brooder box and gave them some straw, food and water.