Drayton Park v Abbeys

 5th November 2014

Drayton Park 1-1 Abbeys Primary

Match Report by Khizar

Abbeys were playing against Drayton Park.  The first half was tough because Drayton had a strong defence, but luckily it wasn’t better than ours!  Francisco and Nathan did very well in Abbeys’ defence.  Every time Drayton took a shot it would be headed out of the box or kicked away.  We also had Enrico as a striker.  He took loads of good shots, but the Drayton goalkeeper was good and kept us from scoring.

As we got five minutes to the end of the game it looked like nobody was going to score.  Then Lewis placed an excellent pass to me.  I took a few steps and kicked it into the bottom corner.  It was a goal!  The whole team were cheering and we thought we were going to victory, until Drayton quickly took the ball and passed it to their striker.  He ran up and kicked in into the net.  The score was 1-1 and the game ended as a draw.  It was a very tough match between two well-matched teams.